Avengers Infinity War Review


Disney and Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War destroyed box office records with a staggering $250 million opening weekend domestically and $630 million worldwide!

Via Box Office Mojo:

Infinity War‘s opening weekend bests the previous record of $247.9 million set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens back in December 2015 by just over $2 million, but it’s also worth mentioning Disney under-estimated Black Panther’s $202 million opening by nearly $10 million on Sunday.

The studio also under-estimated The Avengers’s performance by $7 million and under-estimated Avengers: Age of Ultron by $3.6 million. As such, don’t be surprised to see Infinity War‘s debut blossom come actuals on Monday afternoon. At this moment, the film accounts for 84.4% of the domestic top twelve, second only to Ultron‘s 84.5% market share.

Additional domestic records of note include the largest single Saturday gross, largest single Sunday gross, largest April opening, largest Spring opening, widest PG-13 release and fastest film to $150, $200 and $250 million.

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Did you get a chance to check out the film over the weekend?