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I’m too hype like Kid N’Play to learn Ava DuVernay is working on a Prince documentary for Netflix!

The Oscar-nominated filmmaker said she is “honored” to be entrusted with the opportunity to tell the story of the late icon

Prince was a genius and a joy and a jolt to the senses.

He was like no other. He shattered every preconceived notion, smashed every boundary, shared everything in his heart through his music. The only way I know how to make this film is with love. And with great care.

I’m honored to do so and grateful for the opportunity entrusted to me by the estate.

Via Deadline:

As part of the development of the film, the estate has granted the ARRAY founder full access to the vast trove of archives recordings and, perhaps most immediately important to Prince’s global fanbase, the unreleased material by the prolific musician.

The early stages of the project already have seen DuVernay, editor Spencer Averick and other members of her core production team visit Prince’s Paisley Park home and studios repeatedly during the past several months.

Ava DuVernay has some pretty amazing projects in the works and I’m especially excited about her “Central Park Five” limited drama series.

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Go Ava!

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