Ava DuVernay Had The Best Birthday Ever!

Ava DuVernay Reflects On Her “Best Birthday”

Ava DuVernay celebrated her 44th birthday on August 24 and it was “one of the best birthdays” she’s had in years.

The groundbreaking director took to social media to reflect on her life and to express her gratitude in a beautiful message.

Read Ava’s message below.

Yesterday was one of the best birthdays I’ve had in years. My office was overflowing with flowers and gifts. My phone was blowing up with texts and emails and tweets. My personal life is beautiful. My professional life is beyond my dream. But it was just the meaning of the day that resonated with me most.

Having had a major loss in my world this year, I feel myself cherishing Life as the fragile gem that it is. I find myself focused on experiences that nourish me. I find myself tasting the small moments, appreciating warm words and smiles a lot more. I find myself understanding true love and true friendship more than I have in the past. I find myself counting and treasuring my blessings – not just the fancy stuff, but quiet dinners or just laying in a safe home reading or being able walk and think how I want. All this means… I’m getting old!

All good. All great, in fact. It’s a privilege that many didn’t get. Grateful. Celebrate your life today. Every day is another gift, wrapped up in you. Onward. xo

Oh, how I love her!

Happy Birthday again!