August Alsina - The Breakfast Club


August Alsina is really going through something serious and he laid it all out on the table during his raw and emotional interview with “The Breakfast Club” on Thursday.

The 23-year-old singer began by talking about the controversy surrounding him groping a fan on stage during one of his shows.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: August Alsina Gropes A Fan’s Breasts On Stage & Gets Slammed For Sexual Harassment

I talked to her. You know how the media do. They make you out to be a monster. She was actually more upset than I was. She was like, ‘I’m more upset for you because …do they know what you stand for? What you represent? She was a real fan.

When it came to his health, August told the morning show, “I’m always in the hospital. I’m just a sickly man and I gotta accept that sh*t.”

August Alsina Recovering After Recent Surgery

In October, August underwent surgery to repair a deviated septum. The singer is also suffering from a rare eye disease that could cause him to lose his vision.

August Alsina Opens Up About His Rare Eye Disease – ‘I Had No Choice But To Accept It’

The convo eventually move onto the topic of his family…and the ugly text message August received from a cousin and posted on his Instagram page.

Everybody out here just mad. Everybody kinda got some hate towards me for reasons I can’t even explain to you. I don’t know how to tell you.

He went on to say he doesn’t trust some of his relatives and believes they would kill him if they had the opportunity.

At a certain point it becomes…’You my family, but I don’t trust you my n***a.’ I don’t trust you to have you around me because I totally wholeheartedly believe that if you can say anything like that to me [referencing the text] you’ll kill me. If you had the opportunity, you would kill me because you don’t want to see me living my life. You don’t want to see me happy. You will off me and even put yourself in jail just so you don’t have to see me be who I am.

He added, “This fame sh*t really got my family going in a whole different f**ked up direction.”

August continued, “To be honest, I don’t have no family. I’m my family. It’s just me. I got my brother. My brother, Trav…but, he figuring his life out. I got my nieces – that’s my family.”

When Angela asked about his mother, August replied, “Let me say this about my Moms too…My mom is a queen for one reason: she gave me life, she raised me…I can never take that away from my mama. But, we all have family issues.”

August revealed his latest single, “Song Cry,” is about his life, his battle with depression, and suicidal thoughts.

All of this madness came from a song…’Song Cry.’ It’s about me… my life, my thoughts…I gave the real. I talked about me thinking about suicide. That’s real sh*t. I mean, I have thoughts about that sh*t. I just remember being super, overly depressed. Not knowing how to deal with the sh*t. Not having a mother to talk to, my father is dead. I don’t have nobody to teach me sh*t. I’m doing all this on my own. I went through so many surgeries, my mama didn’t even check on a n***a. I’m damn near dead and losing my vision and you don’t check on your kid? It teaches me when I have a child is when I’ll have a family. It’s therapeutic for me.

Watch August Alsina’s extremely raw and emotional interview.