Aubrey O’Day still got it bad for Donald Trump Jr.

The Danity Kane singer is set to appear on the new season of MTV “Ex on the Beach” and in the screener, she makes a public plea for Donnie Jr. to drop his girlfriend and come back to the silicone her.

I’m sending this message out to you, Don.

Drop Kimberly, she’s crazy looking. The White House f**king little fiasco is about to be over, so why don’t you come join me in the ‘Ex on the Beach’ house.

I’ve had a pretty rough couple of years. I’m finally trying to date again. What I’m attracted to physically is brains. I don’t care if it’s a woman, a man. I’m a picky b**ch. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be, I’m a star. And I’ve dated stars.

I haven’t had sex since my ex, so technically I feel I’m a virgin again. I went back to extra-small tampons and they barely fit. You know, something’s gotta be virginal in that situation.

You may recall Aubrey O’Day was Donald Trump Jr.’s mistress back in 2011 when she competed on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

During the time of their affair, Donnie Jr.’s wife, Vanessa, was pregnant with their third child.

Vanessa filed for divorce in 2018 after 12 years of marriage. Two months later, Donnie Jr. began dating his current girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle

But, Aubrey is trying to break that up so she can get her soulmate back!

I’ve got nothing. Your thoughts?

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