Damon Dash arrest warrant-1


Damon Dash hit with arrest warrant.

The beef between Damon Dash and his ex-wife, Rachel Roy, continues to simmer on the grill as a judge has issued an arrest warrant against the Hip Hop mogul for failing to pay her $341,999!

Via NY Daily News:

A Manhattan judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of hip hop mogul Damon Dash, warning that the only way he can stay out of jail is to pay his ex-wife $341,999. Immediately.

Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper signed the warrant and proclaimed the cure for it Wednesday when Dash failed to show up in court, where his ex, fashion designer Rachel Roy, appeared with matrimonial lawyer Donnell Suares.

Roy filed papers saying Dash — whom she divorced in 2009 — owed her child support, school tuition, camp fees and mortgage payments that she had to make on their former Manhattan homes to rescue them from a foreclosure action.

Last week, Dame sued Rachel for $2.5 million in Manhattan Supreme Court claiming she mismanaged Royale Etenia, a fashion company their launched together before their marriage fell apart.

What kind of man owes his ex-wife over $300,000?!


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