Ari Lennox Deeply Hurt Over Soul Train Awards Snub, Says She’s Quitting Music: ‘I’ll Join The Damn Army’

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Ari Lennox is deeply hurt and seriously struggling with the fact that her album, Shea Butter Baby, did not win a Soul Train Award.

The “BMO” singer lost the Best Album/Mixtape Award to Lizzo, who scooped it for her album, Cuz I Love You. She also lost the Best R&B/Soul Female Artist Award to H.E.R.

Ari has taken to the streets of social media to voice her frustrations, lash out at fans, and one point she even said she’s quitting music because she refuses to “sell out.”

Initially, I felt bad for Ari Lennox because I personally know the hurt of losing something you wanted so badly and the disappointment you live with for a while.

But, there’s something different about Ari’s anger over this award.

Peep her tweets and let me know your thoughts.

I have to be honest and admit Ari Lennox isn’t really on my radar, but these tweets have made quite an impression on me.

I totally understand wanting to be recognized for your talent and hard work, but most artists who genuinely love the craft couldn’t care less about an award.

“You win some, you lose some. But, you live to fight another day.” – John “Pops” Witherspoon


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