It looks like there’s an icebox where Apryl Jones‘ heart used to be when it comes to Omarion because the former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star is airing out her ex/children’s father in a new single titled, “Shoulda Known Betta.”

Apryl, who is rumored to be homie/lover/friends with Lil Fizz, dropped the single and official music video where she’s dressed like a pretty goon and she’s talking her ish.

I got some sh-t on my chest
I think that it’s best
That I lay all these rumors to rest
I’m not impressed
Don’t f–k with no stress
Y’all keeping up with the mess
I been down, I stayed down…even when he didn’t
He needed space, we got 2 kids
Are you f–king kidding
But, you ain’t gonna tell him that – you ain’t gonna tell him that
You ain’t never had my back – you ain’t never had my back
I kept your secrets for too long now I’m over it
How you got everybody fooled with your bullsh-t

Apryl also addresses her friendship with Fizz and fired a few subliminals at Moniece Slaughter.

Get into the song and video below.



Omarion sat down with Raquel Harper and glazed over his relationship with Apryl and her alleged relationship with Lil Fizz.

He acts unbothered as possible.



Their Millenium Tour is going to be awkward AF!

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