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Apollo Nida Says Phaedra Parks Won’t Keep Him Away From His Sons

Apolla Nida takes to social media to let his sons know Phaedra Parks will not keep them from him. Get the scoop.

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Apollo Nida is currently parlaying at a halfway house in Philadelphia and he has a few things to get off of his chest regarding his sons.

Over the weekend, Phaedra Parks‘ ex-husband took to social media to let his sons know they will be together again no matter how hard their mama tries to keep them apart.

Apollo wrote:

DON’T WORRY! We will be together soon, No matter what, she can’t keep us apart. The fight will not stop to be a good DAD!!!

There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think of the 2 of u. LOVE AND MISS YA SO MUCH. #dayonedad #alwaysbeenthere#fathershaverightstoo

Peter Thomas jumped right in the comments to express his surprise at Apollo taking his gripes to social media.

Peep the original post and Peter’s reaction below.

Peter Thomas - Apollo Nida

Lordt! I hope this doesn’t get even more messy for the sake of the children.

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