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Award-winning director and producer Anthony Hemingway has inked a first look deal with Sony Pictures TV to create amazing shows and programming under his newly launched production company, Anthony Hemingway Productions.

In addition to his production company, Anthony will continue his philanthropic efforts under his Heroic Entertainment foundation, which is set to focus on supporting and creating opportunities invested in culture and community.

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In a statement, Anthony Hemingway said:

I’m shooting for the stars and am blessed to have a slate of projects in the works that I love

AHP takes flight as a cultural incubator and an intergenerational connector; fueling the creation, development, and production of innovative, inspiring, and provocative film, television, and digital content

A long time ago, I realized that storytelling was my calling and purpose. I’m a voice of my generation, culture, and community and as long as I live, AHP and HE will empower and give life to the stories and individuals that may not have a voice. I’m a champion for equality and inclusion.

The exciting news of Anthony’s first look deal with Sony comes as he’s already working on TV and feature projects at Amazon Studios, Makeready, Blumhouse TV, Tomorrow Studios, USA Network and JWP.

Congrats to Anthony! I couldn’t be more happy and proud.

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