Anthony Hamilton and sons


Anthony Hamilton is outraged by an “All Lives Matter” flyer for Fantasia‘s Charlotte, North Carolina concert where he was slated to perform.

The soul singer took to social media to denounce the flyer saying he did “not approve the flyer with my name on it.”


Anthony Hamilton Denounces 'All Lives Matter' Concert Flyer


Anthony continued by saying, “I’m the father of six black males…so black lives do matter.”

See the clip below.


Below you’ll find an excerpt from the article Anthony references in his video.

There is turmoil across the nation. The time is now to use our voices to insist on change. Unfortunately, people with closed minds label us racists because we want our black men, women and children not to be gunned down like savages. Although slavery was technically abolished more than a century ago, let me remind the world that our people deserve to be free.

We deserve to speak out against the injustices that plague communities of color. People often forget that, not long ago, dogs attacked us for peaceful protests. They put nooses around our necks and we swung from trees—displayed as America’s “strange fruit.”

I am a father of six black males: three young men ages 19 to 27 and three young sons under age 6. My sons deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. When we speak out against blatant injustices, trolls rise from the shadows and accuse us of being anti-police. My brother has served in law enforcement for more than 25 years. He has made detective and still has a great name in his field and in the community. The pathway to change involves good cops speaking out against crooked cops. We are fed up. We are tired. No one should be executed in the middle of the street, especially with his or her hands up.

Read his full article here.

Sunday’s concert promoting unity was canceled.

Fantasia, who was spearheading the event, took to Instagram to explain why.


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