Loni Tate sues Black Ink Crew - Tattoo infection

Black Ink tattoo shop is hit with another lawsuit.

Two weeks after they were hit with a lawsuit for leaving a woman’s breast disfigured, VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” tattoo parlor has been sued by another woman who claims they gave her an infection that left her hospitalized for days and she has permanent scarring.

Woman Sues VH1’s ‘Black Ink Crew’ Tattoo Parlor For Leaving Her Breast Disfigured

Loni Tate, 31, says she was a fan of the show and traveled to the Harlem tattoo shop in 2014 for a custom rose design on her forearm. Three months earlier, she had gotten a skull with butterflies coming out of it and loved it.

But, this experience was different. About three hours in, tattoo artist, Kelvin Cepeda, told her he had to leave for an event and asked her to come back the next day to finish the piece.

When Loni returned the next day, Kelvin already had the tattoo gun ready to go. “They normally open it and set it up in front of you,” she said.

Loni Tate says a day after her tattoo was finished she was in excruciating pain. “I felt like my arm was on fire, like I’d been burned,” she said. Loni texted Kelvin, who told her she’d feel better in a few days.

The ink starting swelling and oozing. She ended up in the hospital for four days as doctors battled a deep infection. Loni now believes Cepeda used a dirty tattoo pen on her.

Loni Tate sues Black Ink Crew - Tattoo infection

According to Dutchess, Kelvin Cepeda was a contracted artist who “doesn’t even work at Black Ink anymore.” He’s most known for doing Papoose’s tattoo of Remy Ma.

Papoose - Remy Ma tattoo- Kelvin Cepeda

Loni is suing Black Ink for unspecified damages for the infection and the permanent scarring on her arm.

She doesn’t want her experience to deter others from getting tattoos…you just have to be cautious.

Don’t be afraid to get a tattoo — just be cautious.

Make sure the artist opens everything in front of you and everything is sterile.

Black Ink has not commented on the latest lawsuit. “Black Ink Crew” is slated to return to VH1 in August.


Ceasar saw this post on Instagram and responded with his side of the story.

See what he had to say below.

Black Ink Crew - Ceasar responds to tattoo lawsuit


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