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Please join me in sending up prayers for Angie Martinez.

The legendary radio jock was involved in a “severe” car accident that resulted in her suffering a fractured lumbar and shattered vertebrae.

In a post on social media, Angie wrote:

I’ve always believed in angels and mine was with me the other morning. I was in a severe car accident and sustained a fractured lumbar and shattered vertebrae.

I’m recovering and will be for some time, but I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to do that. 

Wanted you all to hear it from me first and know that although this is a difficult time, I am in the best spirits possible and determined to be back and better than ever soon! 

God bless and I deeply appreciate all love & prayers. ❤️

See Angie Martinez’s original post below:

Sending love and prayers to Angie for a full and speedy recovery.

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