Mase Visits ‘The Angie Martinez Show’

Mase made an unexpected appearance on “The Angie Martinez Show” on Tuesday and it was quite interesting to say the least.

Before I go any further, let’s not dance around the obvious foolishness….

The good Passa came up to the radio station rocking a black ski mask with excessive luggage around his eyes. He needs some rest! 

While Mase said multiple times that he wanted to do an interview with Angie because he considers her a neutral party, he seemed very defensive and aggressive throughout their convo.

If he wasn’t eluding Angie’s questions…he was challenging them.

Aside from vaguely discussing his beef with Cam’ron, Mase also addressed the misconceptions about his ministry and his relationship with God.

He said the “Pastor” label was placed on him and he just rolled with it. But, he made it very clear that he is not religious – for those of you who may be confused by him flipping and flopping in and out of the pulpit.

Mase also talked about how he saved Bad Boy after Biggie‘s passing and how Diddy took all the credit and received all of the accolades for the songs he wrote.

While he may have Harlem Shook on my last nerve a few times, Angie asked GREAT questions and I have a new perception of Mason Betha.

Watch below.

Harlem World.