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Angela Bassett Receives Her 3rd Degree From Yale University (Video)

Angela Bassett is the embodiment of Black Girl Magic.

The award-winning actress recently received her third degree, an honorary doctorate of fine arts from Yale University.

Via Yale Daily News:

An honorary doctorate of fine arts will go to Angela Bassett, her third degree from Yale.

Bassett grew up in a housing project in St. Petersburg, Florida, with a single mother and a sister.

At Yale, she majored in African American Studies and went on to study at the School of Drama as one of two black students at the time, according to the Guardian.

Bassett has gained broad recognition for her portrayal of iconic historical figures, such as singer-songwriter Tina Turner in the biographical film What’s Love Got to Do With it, a role that won her a Golden Globe award.

Watch the magical moment below. Her smile says it all!

Congrats Queen!

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