Cori Gunz

Peter Gunz hopped on the social media stage to woo-woo about missing his daughter, Cori Gunz‘s 4th birthday party in Hamburg, Germany.

That’s when Amina Buddafly snatched his mic a la Kanye West and aired him out.

The former “Love & Hip Hop” star wrote:

Couldn’t make it to Hamburg, Germany to bring in my baby girl @IAmCoriGunz 4th birthday so I’m sending my love and wishing you a very happy birthday!! I will be waiting for you in LA…

That’s when Amina shut all of that down with this reply:

U ain’t gona be waiting for nobody in L.A. u aint’ gona be there when we get back like u wasn’t there last month and the month before that or the month before that, despite saying u will…post on here but not one call…saying u was gona come to Germany when we knew u wasn’t gona make it was whack, and honestly in the past I’ve gotten disappointed by you lots but this is the very first time in my life I’m disappointed in you as a FATHER.

We good. We get it. And we will be fine. My daughters got all they need. Deuces.

Peter attempted to save face by responding:

I’ve tried everything in my power to make it to Germany and I’m sorry I can’t make it to LA on a regular basis but one thing that’s for certain is I do the very best I can for my family…I’m sure Jazz, Gina, Erika and Tara can point out me missing a few birthdays right here in the states.

What I suggest is that you FaceTime me or call me.

We fave the world enough of our personal business they are over this storyline…until then peace.

Amina later explained to her fans:

To be clear I’m not mad Peter missed his daughters birthday, I under how his life is and the details behind him not coming. Like I said: we good, we wish he was a bigger part in their lives but we don’t need him.

I just don’t like someone continuously making promises they don’t keep, that is all.

Peter Gunz claims he will go LIVE on social media at 1pm to discuss the matter further.

Peep the posts and see pics and video from Cori’s Cinderella birthday bash on page 2.