Corey Clark arrested aggravated harassment

Corey Clark arrested for aggravated harassment.

Former “American Idol” alum Corey Clark was arrested on Wednesday on charges of aggravated harassment and violation of a court order.

The arrest stems from an incident at the Yuma County Courthouse on September 17 when Corey confronted his estranged wife, Monica Clark, and a woman he believes Monica is in a relationship with.

Monica told police that there is a court order in place that only allows Corey to only communicate with her via email regarding their children, but she produced multiple emails of him violating that order. One email read, “You still fill my heart with so much joy whenever I get the chance to see you. I wish things were different with us. I wish things were better for us.”

Corey Clark was also accused of stalking Monica. She told police “he was watching her for hours while she ate” at a restaurant following the incident at the courthouse.

Police stated Corey was very argumentative during his arrest and told them he could email his wife anything he wanted.

You may recall, Corey was booted from season 2 of “American Idol” after he is arrest record went public. He also claimed to have a sexual relationship with Paula Abdul.

This dude needs help.


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