Amber Rose

Amber Rose took to Instagram to get a few things off of her chesticles.

The self-proclaimed Captain Save-A-Hoe said the internet is “evil” and it’s “changed her as a person.”

She went on to say she believes no one wants to see her happy because they feel she’s “undeserving of love.”

Get into Amber’s posts below.


I can definitely agree that the internet can be a very cruel and evil place, but it can also be a fun and informative experience.

(In my humble opinion) Amber Rose sends mixed messages to her audience/followers. She refers to herself as a whore, slut and every other derogatory name a woman can be called, then she gets upset when people call her the very same names.

The good news in all of this is there’s a full proof way to stop being abuse by the internet: LOG OFF.