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QUICK QUOTES: Amber Rose Says Taylor Swift Is Her ‘Twin’ Because They’ve Both Been Bullied By Kanye West

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It’s human nature to connect with people who share the same experience with you.

That may be why Amber Rose called Taylor Swift her “twin” during her appearance on the “Make Speidi Famous Again” podcast.

The model explained how she and the Grammy Award-winning singer have both been slut-shamed and they’ve both been bullied by Kanye West!

I actually started listening to her music, and I’m like, ‘Taylor’s f–king dope, bro.’ This b—– can write and sing — and the words! I’m like, ‘I can relate to her.’ I’ve been slut-shamed all over the place.

Everyone’s like, ‘You can’t keep a man. You’re this and that.’ All the tabloids, you know, ‘Here goes Amber playing the victim again.’ I’m like, ‘Dude! She’s my f–king twin!’

And I got bullied by Kanye [West] as well! Like, bro, we literally live the same life!


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