Amber Rose

Amber Rose Seeks Breast Reduction Advice

Amber Rose is ready to downsize her girls.

On Monday, Bash’s mom took to social media to reveal she’s considering a breast reduction, but she’s afraid of the scars.

She went on to solicit advice from women who have undergone the procedure.

I’m thinking about getting a breast reduction this year ? my boobs are stupid heavy, my back hurts and I can’t wear cute lil shirts without a grandma bra. I’m really scared of the lollipop scars tho…. any advice? Are there any ladies out there that are much happier even though you have breast reduction scars? And no I don’t have implants so they can’t just cut around the nipples ? tell me about ur experiences ?? – muva

I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum, so I have nothing to offer but a prayer.

Do you have any advice for Amber?

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