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Is Amber Rose Keeping Bash Away From Wiz Khalifa? Peep His Tweets!

Wiz Khalifa- Baby Bash - Amber Rose


There is nothing Wiz Khalifa loves more than his son, Sebastian.

But, from the looks of his vent session on Twitter last night, his attempts at co-parenting with Amber Rose may have hit a roadblock.

In a series of subliminal tweets, Wiz vented about women who do things to their kids to spite the child’s father.

He went on to say being away from his son is the “only thing that can spin my universe out of control.”


Wiz Khalifa tweets - Amber Rose


The illest moment of the Wiz’s online venting session was when one of his fans told him to “get his wife back” and he replied, “No thanks.”


Wiz Khalifa -Amber Rose - No Thanks

Welp…even after all of those booty shots on Instagram… Wiz Khalifa still doesn’t want Amber Rose back.

Hopefully, the two of them can co-parent peacefully.

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