Amber Rose - Bash wearing wig


Amber Rose Claps Back At Haters Over Sebastian Wearing A Wig

Amber Rose is clapping back at trolls who called her adorable 3-year-old son, Sebastian, gay after she posted a photo of him wearing one of her wigs.

While it was all in good fun, many folks didn’t see it that way.

One commenter wrote:

I’m sorry but my son won’t be playing dress up with women’s accessories. Children grow and develop by what we teach and expose them too.Until he grows up and becomes a young adult/man and can choose what he likes then I will not offer him a woman’s hair piece to play with.You have mustaches, firemen clothes, hats, sunglasses, silly Afros but he does not need to think that moms hair is mom’s sons toy. Next thing you know he will want to explore more of moms things and then the world will see an issue.Just let the kid be a kid she gave him the wig he didn’t choose it himself. Not saying this minor thing will make him gay, not at all but it’s the principal and he’s a child still not an actor not a rockstar not a trans none of the above…

Another commenter, who obviously doesn’t have any home-training, wrote, “That lil n***a look gay af. His mom is going to use him to stay relevant in the eyes of u morons ???”

Amber Rose responded by writing:

Wow you people re so smart huh? Putting on a wig is gonna make a baby gay? Straight Guys, do yourselves a favor… Put on a wig and see if ur turned on by another man… I’ll wait. And ladies seriously grow the f**k up and educate yourselves. Throw one of ur wigs on ur BF or ur Dad. Yay! He’s gay! Oh wait…no sorry, ur all just f**king idiots. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with how people dress. They’re transgendered people who are attracted to the opposite sex. Read a book you remedial f**ks.

But, she wasn’t done. Amber took to Snapchat to issue a challenged to all of her haters…


How do you feel about lil boys playing with wigs?