On Wednesday night, Lala Anthony was publicly accused of having an affair with Maino by the rapper’s irate baby’s mother, Patrice.

In comments written on Lala’s Instagram page, Patrice put the “Power” actress on blast for allegedly spending the night at the rapper’s house “after the movies” and breaking up their family.

Patrice wrote, “Does your husband know your hoe a** has been f**king my daughters father?”

She also threatened to provide “receipts” to prove her accusations to be true and ended her rant by calling Carmelo Anthony‘s wife a “Typical married slut.”

Lala Anthony deleted Patrice’s defamatory remarks off of her page and offered a subliminal clap back with a post about having haters.

Then, Lala took it a step further by having her husband join in on her clapback session.

Many were watching to see how the rumors of an affair would impact Lala and Carmelo Anthony’s marriage.

So, the couple posted a video lip-syncing Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj’s hit single, “All Eyes on You.” (Melo threw in a few “birds” for good measure.)

The caption reads, “All eyes on us ❤️.”

Watch below.

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Welp, it looks like the Anthonys are good. I wonder what things are looking like back at Maino’s house.

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