Alicia Keys Visits 'Today' Show & Inspires Tamron Hall To Remove Her Makeup


Alicia Keys‘ decision to go au naturale has caused quite a bit of chatter on social media.

While many praised her for embracing her natural beauty, others surprisingly took offense to it and literally got mad. (insert confused Nick Young face here)

The Grammy Award-winning singer stopped by the “Today” show on Friday and her convo with Tamron Hall inspired the anchor to remove her makeup.

Tamron made their intentions very clear by saying, “Listen, we’re not trying to recruit people. This is really about how you feel and your life. It’s important since I spend five days a week made-up, people know that it’s not my crutch.”

She joked, “Now my earrings – are my crutch! I can’t live without my earrings! But, it’s everybody’s lane. Everybody’s lane that you choose whether it’s natural hair, makeup free – it’s your lane!”

Alicia looked on like a proud sister as Tamron said, “She’s not preachin – she’s teachin!”

A.K. added, “I’m just being myself, honestly. I’m just being myself. That’s all.”


I’ve been team makeup-free my entire life.

The fact that I have no idea how to apply it plays a big role in that. But, I still admire how gorgeous my sisters and sistas look when they are beat to the gawds!

However, I’ll never understand why people are mad about Alicia’s decision to stop wearing makeup.

Your thoughts?

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