Alfonso Ribeiro is now a father of four.

The actor and host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” shared a new photo of his baby girl, Ava Sue, to celebrate her being a month old.

Alfonso’s wife, Angela, captioned the photo:

My little Ava turned one month old yesterday.? She loves sleeping and feeding time above anything else at the moment.

According to my 5-year old, “She smells like cupcakes. Well, dried-out cupcakes, but that’s still a good smell.”

Her additional hobbies, other than smelling like dried-out cupcakes and sleeping, include: smiling, watching the ceiling fan, being smothered with love & kisses from her brothers, and chilling in her swing. #onemonthold #my❤️

See the original post below:

Awww, she’s a pretty little princess.

Congrats again to the happy family.

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