Prayers and donations have been pouring in after “Ready To Love” star Alexx Banks was hospitalized and placed on life support while battling brain flu.

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The 34-year-old entrepreneur has been hospitalized since November 25 and a GoFundMe campaign was launched to help cover his medical expenses because he doesn’t have health insurance.

We now know Alexx found love with Ashlee on the show, but many of us are more concerned with his health and how he’s doing.

Alexx’s mother, Veronica Johnson, offered a recent update saying he is still undergoing a lot of tests and cultures.

She added that specialists are reviewing his records and they are aggressively fighting the virus with antibiotics.

GM everyone. Thank God for all the prayers and all the giving for Alexx. There are many test and cultures that are being taken to watch the virus very carefully.

The Mayo Clinic specialists are reviewing all of the medical test and findings so they can continue the aggressive attack with antibiotics.

The church, Gods body of Christ are fighting with prayer from everywhere! This too shall pass and God has never lost a fight, a battle nor war!

In fact there is no fighting against God. What we are dealing with is a fight of faith in God’s word! We have to believe what we are praying and Hod moves by faith. We cannot go by what we see or hear!!! These things are temporal…We are STANDING IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY on God’s word….. Believing His promises.

I love JAMES 5:15….(read it) and 1st Peter 2:24. Thank you all for faith, lets keep on believing God. The only thing that is constant is change. Change is going to come, it will be healing. There is a time for healing.

Please continue to keep Alexx uplifted in prayer.