Alabama school on lockdown after dad fights student

School Locked Down After Dad Fights Student

An Alabama high school was placed on lockdown on Tuesday (May 2) after a dad and his three buddies jumped a student who fought his son earlier.

The dad, whose name has been withheld, was called Murphy High School in Mobile after his son got into an altercation with another student.

Pops arrived with three friends and commenced to throw hands in the hallway of the school.


“He brought three friends,” said Phillips. “The men approached a student and got into a fight.”

She said administrators intervened to stop the fight, but ended up having to contact the Mobile Police Department.

In the :22 second video posted to social media, it begins with one fight involving three people next to a set of lockers in the hallway. Next, a shirtless man in black pants comes into the video frame and begins pummeling two male students with punches before he falls to the ground on top of a student.

Another student comes in from behind and begins hitting the student fighting with the shirtless man. At that point, several school administrators and security guards step in and begin yelling, “Y’all back up,” to the crowd of students watching the fight.

The video clip ends with the school administrators and security guards attempting to separate the shirtless man and the male student engaged in a fight on the hallway floor.

MPD Spokesman Donald Wallace said that the parent and his three friends fled the school grounds before responding officers arrived.

Phillips said the school was temporarily sent into lockdown while Mobile police searched the school for the men.

Wallace said there is now an ongoing investigation into the incident. No injuries to any students were reported.

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