Every year, when Halloween rolls around, you can always count on some fool to dress up in blackface and then issue an apology for it.

This year, Heath Morrow, a teacher at Chestnut Grove Elementary School with Decatur City Schools, and his wife went to a Halloween party dressed as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

The only problem is Heath decided to paint himself crayon brown and go to the shindig in blackface.

When his terrible idea gained national attention, Heath followed the script by issuing a statement apologizing for his error in judgment.

Heath Morrow’s apology:

To whom this may concern:

I would like to first apologize for my error in judgment. My intentions were not malicious or directed toward any certain group of people.

I would also like to say that everyone who knows my character and knows my heart, knows that I have never seen color in my life. I wasn’t raised or taught that way and do not raise my children that way.

I see people for who they are, and my wife and I go out of our way to help anyone we can in my profession as an educator.

When deciding to dress up for a Halloween party, my wife and I made a decision based on celebrities and the political climate today.

I do not want this to reflect on my school or school system based on my poor decision that I made. Again I apologize and this will not happen again.


Heath Morrow

This man is educating children and had no idea blackface is a no-no?

Based on the comments of this fella here…I’m sure there will be more blackface to come.

I can’t….