Al B. Sure

Please join me in sending up a prayer for Al B. Sure, who is undergoing surgery for a procedure he calls “updating his software.”

The 90’s R&B singer shared a video of himself being wheeled in for his surgery but did not disclose any additional information.

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He captioned the video:

G”? #AlBeez ? around the ? When you wake up & finally start paying attention to what, who’s truly important & worth your efforts, make certain that one of the 1st 2 faces you see in your mirror is your own.

Don’t waste feelings & flowers ? on indecision. Msg received loud and clear. Going in to fix Me! Coming out (God Willing) with a new perspective. #50 #StayWoke #GodBless#DontCallitaComeBack I’ve been here for years.

Just Updating my Software for #Part2 Get Ready! #Health #Fitness #Wellness#ChangeYourCircle #ChangeYourLife

Thank YOU for your prayers and well wishes?? … The Show Must Go On…

See his original post below.


Wishing Al B. a speedy recovery.