Aisha Hinds To Star As Harriet Tubman In ‘Underground’ Season 2

Aisha Hinds - Harriet Tubman - Underground

WGN America | Associated Press

Aisha Hinds Joins “Underground” As Harriet Tubman

Yes, yes, and more YES!

Aisha Hinds has been cast in the starring role of Harriet Tubman in season 2 of the hit WGN America drama series, “Underground.”

Via Deadline:

Tubman was the Underground Railroad’s most famous conductor — revered for her grit, perseverance and unrelenting will to help scores of enslaved people reach freedom. Born a slave, Tubman was a devout Christian who, after escaping herself, risked her life again and again to free her family members and lead anyone willing to journey north across hostile territory to freedom.

The 10-episode new season of Underground follows an unremitting struggle for freedom within a divided America on the brink of civil war, each side vying to enact their own justice. Production on Season 2 begins Monday in Savannah, GA, for an early 2017 premiere.

I’ve loved Aisha ever since Assault on Precinct 13.

She is an amazing actress and I have no doubts she is going to SLAY this role.

Your thoughts?


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