Save Underground

The Fight Continues To Save ‘Underground’

It’s been four months since, WGN canceled their hit series, “Underground,” but the fight to find the show a new home continues.

Director Anthony Hemingway took to social media to Wednesday to encourage fans of the show to let networks know there is still demand for the show.

Missing my #Underground Family. Do you? We are still committed to finding a new home because these stories are necessary, important and invaluable! Help us sound the alarm & express to networks / buyers how much you want to see #Underground picked up. REPOST & SHARE with #SaveUnderground

Many fans of the show were hoping Auntie Oprah would swoop in to save “Underground,” but she said she “couldn’t afford” to pick up the series with a reported budget of $5 million per episode.

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Next, fans turned their focus to Netflix. Unfortunately, nothing has panned out yet.

I’m happy to know the fight isn’t over.