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The newest sexual misconduct allegations against R. Kelly was the straw that broke his team’s back.

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Less than a week after the R&B singer was accused of giving a 19-year-old woman alcohol, drugs and an STD, his lawyer, his assistant and his publicist quit!

Via Pitchfork:

His spokesperson, Trevian Kutti, confirmed to Pitchfork that she no longer works with Kelly as of April 16. Additionally, BBC3 reports reports that both Kelly’s entertainment attorney, Linda Mensch, and his assistant, Diana Copeland, are no longer working with him. (Mensch also confirmed her resignation to Pitchfork.)

These announcements arrive in the wake of several recent sexual misconduct allegations against Kelly. Earlier this month, a Dallas woman began taking legal action against the singer, claiming he knowingly gave her a sexually transmitted disease during a relationship that began when she was 19. It followed accusations made in a BBC3 documentary that Kelly had been “grooming” an underage girl to be his sex “pet” earlier this year. The allegation was made by Kitti Jones, one of three women who spoke with reporter Jim DeRogatis last year for a Buzzfeed investigation that claimed Kelly had been holding women against their will in a “cult”-like environment.

If R. Kelly’s team is bailing…they either know something and/or feel he’s guilty of what he’s been accused of.