Kandi Burruss - Ace Wells Tucker - Raising Ace Teething Necklace

Ace Wells Tucker isn’t a year old yet, but he already has his own business!

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker have introduced their adorable baby boy’s new lifestyle brand called “Raising Ace.”

In a post on IG, Todd gushed:

Wow! @acewellstucker has his own lifestyle brand! We’re highlighting the teething necklace which the kids love and it makes life so much easier for the parents! Daddy daycare is so much easier with the Raising ♠️Ace #teethingnecklace go to raisingace.com to get yours! And follow the brand @shopraisingace

The line will also include bottles, bibs, pacifiers, sunglasses, and more.

I’ll tell you what…they have the perfect spokesbaby for the line, because who could resist Ace’s sweet smile?!


Visit RaisingAce.com for more!