“90 Day Fiancé” star Jay Smith has been detained by ICE and is currently facing deportation after he violated an order of protection by posting about his soon-to-be ex-wife, Ashley Martson, on social media.

Ashley claims Jay, real name Conroy St. Christopher Smith, broke into her home while she was on vacation. She called the police and they instructed her to file a PFA (Protection From Abuse).

Apparently, Jay violated the PFA and triggered an arrest warrant when he made remarks about Ashley on social media.

When he learned of the warrant, Jay Smith turned himself in expecting to see a judge and be on his way. Instead, he’s been detained in York County Prison on Pennsylvania.

You may recall this is the same prison where Everett Palmer mysteriously died and his body was returned to his family with missing organs.

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Speaking to Celebuzz!, Ashley Martson admitted that she knew Jay would be deported if she contacted the police.

I filed a PFA, and I took all the evidence in on Monday.

Jay was served at 7:10 PM on Monday, and it specifically said in there ‘you’re not allowed to talk about this PFA or Ashley at all on any social media platform.’

The very next day, went on social media and made a post [about her and the PFA].

Our relationship has been very toxic from the beginning, and I just never did anything about it, because I knew if I contacted the police that Jay would be deported.

There was a lot of abuse going on in our relationship.

I filed for his green card and then I retracted it because he cheated on me again.

Upper Allen Police released the following statement on their website:

Conroy Jay Smith Credit: Upper Allen Police

On July 2, 2019, Upper Allen Police investigated a report of a PFA violation. The protected party lives in Upper Allen Township and reported a social media post made by Smith, which was in violation of the order.

As a result of the investigation, an arrest warrant was obtained for Smith.

On July 3, 2019, Smith was taken into custody without incident. Smith was transported to the Cumberland County Prison for processing and arraignment. A hearing will be held at a later date.

Jay Smith, 21, moved from Jamaica to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania in 2018 after he met and fell in love with Ashley.

He entered the US under a K-1 visa, which requires a foreigner to marry his or her U.S. citizen petitioner within 90 days of entry or he is required to depart the county.

Jay and Ashley got hitched in May 2018, but she never filed to adjust his status…because he kept cheating on her.

Whew Chile…a mess!

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