Montia Sabbag Speaks Out At Press Conference

Montia Sabbag, the woman at the center of Kevin Hart‘s cheating and extortion scandal, held a press conference on Wednesday, September 20, alongside her attorney, Lisa Bloom, to set the record straight about a few “tings.”

Here are 9 things she wants you to know:

  1. She’s not a traveling stripper.
  2. She’s not an extortionist.
  3. She had nothing to do with the recording the video.
  4. She’s a recording artist and an actress.
  5. She doesn’t want any money from Kevin Hart.
  6. She plans to go to the police and will cooperate with them to find the person responsible for recording and releasing the video.
  7. She will NOT take a lie detector test.
  8. She has not broken any laws.
  9. She’s sorry.

Read Montia’s full statement below:

Good morning, everyone.

My name is Montia Sabbag. I was involved with Kevin Hart a month ago.

Since then, my pictures and my name have been released with lies written about me. I am not an extortionist, I am not a stripper. I am a recording artist and an actress and I have not broken any laws.

I had nothing to do with these recordings. I hired Lisa Bloom to protect my rights.

I’m truly sorry for any involvement I had in this.

Watch the clip below.


Okay, sis! Do me a favor….


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