9 People Charged With Murder After Teen Dies In Neighborhood Brawl

9 People Charged With Murder After Teen Dies In Neighborhood Brawl

18-year-old Demajhay Bell was stabbed in the neck on Friday during the massive fight in a neighborhood south of Augusta. He died two days later.

Via The Augusta Chronicle:

Nine people have been charged in the death of Demajhay Bell, and one more is being sought. More arrests are likely as the investigation continues into the Chaps Lane incident that included as many as 50 people, authorities say.

According to Richmond County Lt. Allan Rollins, Terry Lee Daniels, 19, was booked into Charles B. Webster Detention Center on Wednesday, a day after the sheriff’s office placed a warrant for his arrest. An arrest warrant remains for Eddie Doneal Carter III, 18, of Augusta.

Investigators believe Bell, 18, who was stabbed in the neck and died two days later, was an inactive participant. Roundtree said Bell was inside a house for much of the fight but was stabbed by Demetrius Harris Jr., 21, when he went outside.

“He was friends with the person who stabbed him,” Roundtree said.

According to the initial sheriff’s office report, deputies were called to the large fight on Chaps Lane near Tobacco Road about 1:45 p.m. Eyvette Byrd, 39, told police a crowd of 30 to 50 people went to her home wielding baseball bats, knives, pipes and other weapons to fight her 15-year-old daughter. Byrd, who has since been charged with murder in the case, told police the fight was the result of a continuing dispute at Glenn Hills High School.

Roundtree said the fight originated as an argument between two girls at school but continued to escalate over time as more people got involved, choosing sides, and eventually meeting on Chaps Lane.

Video recorded from bystanders show girls fighting, boys hitting each other with bats, and the driver of a Dodge Charger trying to run over several of the teens. At one point the driver drives into a residential yard, spinning wheels in the grass and narrowly missing those standing nearby.

“That’s why we’re taking an aggressive stance and charging everyone with murder …” Roundtree said during a Wednesday interview. “Anytime you have a mother driving her child to something like this, you have a problem.”

Byrd was not the only adult charged in the case. Police also arrested Byrd’s son, Harris. Harris’ arm was broken when hit by someone swinging a metal bat.

Authorities also arrested a mother and daughter – Quiauna and Quiasha Henley, ages 35 and 18.

Byrd told police she tried to drive Bell to the hospital after he was stabbed in the neck, but that when another fight broke out at the stop sign in the subdivision, Bell took the wheel and tried to drive himself. He sought help from a Richmond County marshal stopped at Morgan and Deans Bridge roads.

By the time deputies arrived, everyone had scattered. Roundtree said it wasn’t until those involved saw Bell’s blood that the fight ended.

“That’s when reality started to hit, and that is what’s so sad,” the sheriff said. “It’s not when a driver was trying to hit someone with a car or hit someone with a bat.”

Roundtree said he has seen similar fights, especially involving teens, intensify and grow larger over the years, possibly fueled by social media and the desire to post videos online. He said it appears they’re all seeking fame or notoriety that could come from the video.

Many times deputies are called to large fights, and even though they’re broken up by the time the officials arrive, a video usually surfaces on the Internet soon after. Videos of fights in Augusta have appeared on sharing sites showing brawls in shopping centers, restaurant parking lots and neighborhood streets.

“With everything they do, (teens think) it has to be elevated so the world will take note,” Roundtree said.

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