On Monday, our hearts sank when we learned Safaree Samuels had been robbed at gunpoint hours before his interview with Angie Martinez.

The full interview has been released and it’s heartbreaking.

Safaree was understandably emotional, as his uncle was recently killed in a robbery, but he did his best to push through the interview.

Below you’ll find 8 things we learned from watching the interview.

  1. Safaree was robbed at gunpoint on Monday (April 2).
  2. He was robbed in New Jersey.
  3. The robbery took place around 3 a.m. after he left the club.
  4. He believes it was an inside job.
  5. The thieves took about $175,000 worth of jewelry from him.
  6. Everything taken during the robbery was insured.
  7. Safaree says he’s traumatized.
  8. The police are investigating the incident.

Watch the interview below.

I’m glad he’s okay. Hopefully, those responsible for robbing Safaree will be caught.