700 People Claim To Be Prince’s Relatives

Boy, Prince could have one heck of a family reunion!

Hundreds of people have come forward claiming to be Prince’s relatives in hopes of getting a piece of the music icon’s estate.

Harvey Morse, who is leading the official hunt for relatives, told the Daily Mail, “Our phone has been ringing off the hook. I would say we have received between 600 and 700 calls. They run the gamut, literally from, ‘We lived in the same area so we must be related,’ to, ‘We have pictures of Prince at our family reunion.’ ”

Rather than take their word for it, Morse, of Florida-based Morse Genealogical Services, says you’ve got to produce paperwork. “Birth, marriage, death, divorce certificates, census records, that sort of thing,” he said.

A probate judge has given the administrator of Prince’s estate permission to obtain a blood sample held by the medical examiner for DNA testing to weed out the crazies.

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