7-Year-Old Boy Who Grew Out His Hair For Cancer Patients Is Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer

7-Year-Old Vinny Desautels Who Grew Out His Hair For Cancer Patients Is Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer

My heart is completely shattered by this story.

Vinny Desautels, the 7-year-old second grader who spent two years growing out his hair so that he could donate it to pediatric cancer patients, has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Via CNN:

The family is awaiting final confirmation from doctors that Vinny has Ewing’s sarcoma, a type of tumor that forms in bone or soft tissue. The second-grader is scheduled to begin treatment this week, starting with a bone marrow biopsy and chemotherapy, said his father, Jason Desautels.

“We know it’s cancer, stage 4, because it spread in two different locations and it’s aggressive,” he said. “Now we’re trying to figure out what we’re dealing with so we can come up with a plan.”

Vinny’s eye started getting “squintier” in March, Desautels said. They tried prescription eye drops and allergy medication with no success. Vinny started complaining of an aching knee and his parents noticed his hip was swollen.

That’s when they really started to get worried.

A visit to the emergency room on April 28 and an X-ray revealed a significant growth on his right hip. The next day his pediatrician sent the family to a hospital in Sacramento with a handwritten note.

Blood tests, MRIs, and a CT scan revealed tumors on his hip and in the bone around his eye.

Vinny Desautels


A Victory for Vinny GoFundMe page was created by his grandparents and has raised almost half a million dollars in less than two weeks.

It’s beautiful to see the outpouring of support for a little boy who has a heart of gold.

We’re sending prayers and positive energy to Vinny and his family as they kick cancer’s butt!


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