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7 Quick Facts About Tyrese’s Wife Samantha Lee



7 Facts About Tyrese’s Wife Samantha Lee

When Tyrese announced he had tied the knot on Valentine’s Day, the internet was buzzing…not about his marriage, but his wife.

People wanted the tea on the new Mrs. Gibson. Who is she? Where did she come from? Is she black?

Well, I’ve got the scoop. Below you’ll find seven quick facts about Tyrese’s new bride.

1. Her name is Samantha Lee

2. She’s a New Jersey native (Jersey stand up!)

3. She met Tyrese through mutual friends

4. She obtained a Master’s degree in social work from University of Georgia

5. She reportedly makes six-figures

6. She handles cases for Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services, counsels inmates, and fights against sex and human trafficking

7. She’s Ecuadorian, Jamaican, and African-American

Well, it looks like Tyrese has a winner!

Samantha Lee is educated, beautiful, and makes her own coin.

I wish them the best.

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