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Safaree, Cheating & Paternity Tests: 7 Quick Facts About A1 & Lyrica Anderson Marriage (Video)

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” stars A1 and Lyrica Anderson stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Tuesday to chat about all the of the shenanigans and tomfoolery surrounding their marriage.

I checked out the interview and gather some intel for you below.

 7 Quick Facts About A1 and Lyrica Anderson’s Marriage

Lyrica claims she never slept with Safaree – She blames K. Michelle for spreading the rumor and says she’s still waiting for Safaree to tell the truth about the situation.

Lyrica also noted her husband’s package is bigger than Safaree’s – She appeared to be joking when put on the spot.

A1 and Lyrica cheated during their marriage – According to A1 they were “going through a dark time in their marriage” and they both stepped out. Who they stepped out with is still under wraps.

Lyrica Anderson and A1 are expecting their first child together – The couple is expecting a baby boy.

A1 took a paternity test – The father-to-be admitted he took a paternity test for his own piece of mind. Lyrica revealed she was offended by him taking the test.

The couple is working on a project together – A1 and Lyrica have released a joint EP  titled, Love Scars, and they will address all of the challenges they’ve faced in their marriage.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” – A1 and Lyrica Anderson aren’t sure if they will return for another season of the hit VH1 reality show, but they are vying for their own spinoff.

Watch Mr. and Mrs. Bentley’s full interview on “The Breakfast Club” below.



Godspeed. I wish them well.



(Click here to download ‘Love Scars’)

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