Mother To Sue After 6-Year-Old Comes Home From School With Two Broken Arms

A Brooklyn mother is outraged and planning to sue the Department of Education after her 6-year-old son came home from school with not one, but two broken arms.

Via NY Daily News:

Krystal Alejandro plans to sue the city Department of Education over the injuries she says her 6-year-old boy Armani suffered on Dec. 18 at Public School 106 in Bushwick.

Alejandro said no one said anything about her son’s injuries when she picked him up from an after-school program. He complained that his hands were sore.

The first-grader pointed out scratches on his hands as he told his mother that he fell at the school playground, Alejandro said.

When Armani continued to complain about the pain in his hands that night, Alejandro took the boy to Wyckoff Hospital, where doctors told her that both of his wrists were fractured.

Since then, he’s been wearing two heavy casts on his arms and is too upset to return to class, Alejandro said.

“It’s like he can’t be a 6-year-old boy anymore,” said Alejandro, 30, a cashier. “I have to do everything for him because of his casts. It bothers him and he hates it.”

The child is in so much discomfort — and is so distraught after allegedly being left by school staffers with two untreated broken bones — that Alejandro is homeschooling him until his psychological and physical injuries start to heal.

I can’t imagine how that poor baby suffered all day long. This is pure negligence and heads better roll!