You can’t play checkers with someone who plays chess…

50 Cent has been going hard in the paint on Teairra Mari after she sued him for reposting explicit photos and video of her on social media and lost her case against him.

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By now, the entire world knows the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star owes Fiddy $30,000 because he reminds her and demands his money almost daily via social media.

Somewhere along the line, Teairra attempted to flip the unwanted attention into something profitable by talking trash to the petty rapper, releasing a t-shirt line and a new single titled, “I Ain’t Got It.”

Listen below.

The song is a bop and Tea sounds good. But, about those t-shirts…

Apparently, sis forgot to trademark them, so 50 Cent beat her to the punch and he is now selling them on his G-Unit site.

He also said if she doesn’t discontinue the sales of her t-shirts he will sue her for that too!


Teairra Mari, in turn, took to social media and alluded to having a trademark.–/

The truth will come to light eventually…in a courtroom.