50 Cent will stop at nothing to avoid paying Lastonia Leviston damages for posting her sex tape on YouTube in 2009.

50 Cent Ordered To Pay Rick Ross’ Baby’s Mother Lastonia Leviston $5 Million In Sex Tape Case

The Hip Hop mogul appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday and testified that his lavish lifestyle is simply an illusion. 50 Cent told the court, “It’s entertainment.”

According to Curtis Jackson III, his Bentley and Ferrari were rented and all of that diamond-flooded jewelry he wears is “borrowed.” He added that despite selling over 38 million albums worldwide, he only earned “10 cents a record.”

50 Cent Files Bankruptcy To Halt Sex Tape Case

When it comes to his acting career, 50 Cent claims he earned a total of $200,000 for his appearances in Spy and Southpaw.

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