50 Cent $200m lawsuit Power - Larry Johnson


50 Cent has been slapped with another lawsuit! This one is accusing the Hip Hop mogul of stealing the concept of his hit Starz series, “Power.”

Larry Johnson has filed a $200 million suit claiming 50 Cent stole the concept of “Power” from a manuscript he wrote titled, “Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid.”

Johnson says in 2005, he sent a copy of his book to Nikki Turner at G-Unit Books. Although he ended up having the book published elsewhere, he’s convinced Nikki showed 50 Cent his work especially after “Power” debuted and it was a carbon copy of his book.

50 Cent lawsuit - Power - Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid

Larry Johnson, who writes under the pen name “The Ghost,” says the main character in his book has a goatee and owns the hottest club in Atlanta. James “Ghost” St. Patrick owns the hottest club in New York City and also has a goatee.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Johnson also says the best friend of the main character in his book has a short fuse. You guessed it! Just like Tommy Egan.

Meanwhile, the cast and crew of “Power” are completely unbothered by Johnson’s lawsuit.

They were all smiles when they got together on Wednesday for their season 3 table read.

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