An idle mind is the devil’s workshop…

50 Cent had time on Tuesday, so he used it to attack Vivica Fox on social media.

The Hip Hop mogul posted a side by side photo of the actress next to Rajee Narinesingh, the transgender poster child of when plastic surgery goes wrong.

The caption on the photo read:

I don’t know why people would want to cross me. I would stay out of my way, if I wasn’t me because I’m gonna keep winning. I think they do it for attention, then they get more attention then they want. I told you POWER was the show to watch. ? Now Empire lol ? forget it. #EFFENVODKA

See the post below.


50 Cent - Vivica Fox


Taraji P. Henson reluctantly stepped into the mix because she “despises bullies.”

The “Empire” star schooled 50 Cent real quick on using his “Power” to unite and uplift rather than divide.

She also told the rapper “karma” may be blocking his blessings.

Peep the screenshot below courtesy of The Shade Room:

Taraji P. Henson - 50 Cent


Ha! Looks like Taraji had time today too!

Your thoughts?