50 Cent is like that gnat at your family BBQ that just won’t leave anyone alone.

The Hip Hop mogul took to his social media page on Friday and took aim at Taraji P. Henson after learning the “Empire” season 3 premiere ratings took a dip.

50 was apparently still feeling some type of way after Taraji addressed him bullying Vivica Fox and suggested that maybe his karma is blocking his blessing.

In a post on his Instagram page, the rapper told the Emmy award-winning actress, “At least you can eat your trophies.”

Wow ? well look at the bright side at least. You can eat your ?Trophies. I was talking to old girl but you felt like you had to respond. SMH you know I love you cookie ? I got a new show for you BMF COMING SOON !!!#EFFENVODKA

50 Cent’s appetite for division and discord is unsettling.

Why can’t both shows make it?

Your thoughts?