50 Cent, Courtney Kemp, & ‘Power’ Producers Sued For ‘Massive’ Copyright Infringement


First, Ghost gets locked up! Now, this…

Remember the guy who filed a $200 million suit claiming 50 Cent stole the concept of “Power” from him? Well, he’s back! And this time he has Bill Cosby‘s former attorney representing him!

On Wednesday, attorney Monique Pressley has announced a new lawsuit against 50 Cent, Courtney Kemp, the producers of “Power,” Starz Entertainment and CBS Studios that accuses them of “massive” copyright infringement, fraud, and breach of contract.

The press release reads:

Mr. Johnson, who first sued Defendants in Virginia in 2015 without counsel, and Mr. Keller continue the fight through this action seeking to put an immediate stop to, and to obtain redress for, Defendants’ blatant, purposeful and massive infringement of the copyright in Mr. Johnson’s two-part manuscript entitled, “Tribulations of a Ghetto Kid,” edited by Mr. Keller.

As he does with all of his works, Mr. Johnson wrote this protected work over 12 years ago under his pen name, “The Ghost.” Both Mr. Johnson’s work and Power TV show share basic elements such as the exploration of the life of an African-American protagonist drug dealer using his ill-gotten gains to transition in to the realm of legitimate business. However, even beyond the basic elements and the glaring likeness of the main character, Power TV show infringes so far as to borrow character names, plot lines, and nearly identical language from Mr. Johnson’s protected work making one strikingly similar to the other.

Ut oh…this doesn’t sound good at all and Monique Pressley is a beast in the courtroom.

Your thoughts?

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