5-Year-Old Wisconsin Boy Dies After Being Shot & Dumped At Hospital By His Father & Uncle (Video)

Heartbreaking news coming out of Wisconsin…

A 5-year-old boy has died after he was shot and dropped off at a local hospital on Monday by two men.

Turns out…the men were the child’s father and uncle.

The victim’s grandfather, Curtis Cannon, said one of his sons accidentally shot his grandson and dropped him off at the hospital because they were scared.

Maybe they was scared to death. 

Maybe they took him to the hospital because they realized they f**ked up, and they didn’t want the boy to be in pain or suffer. I don’t raise killers.

Watch the news reports below.

Mr. Cannon may not have raised killer, but he surely raised careless cowards!

Both sons turned themselves in to police. Charges are pending.

An autopsy on the child is scheduled for Tuesday.

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