Last Friday, VH1 dumped the remaining episodes of “Sorority Sisters” and scrubbed their site clean of all related pages and archives as if the show never existed.

But, that didn’t stop Delta Sigma Theta from dropping that expulsion fade on five of the show’s cast members.

According to the organization’s website, Lydia Mitchell, Priyanka Banks, MeToya Monroe, Adrene Ashford, and Shanna McCormick were expelled on January 13, 2015.

Presumably, the expulsions are a consequence of their participation in VH1’s controversial reality series.

In December, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority suspended cast members, April McRae and Joy Hammond.

‘Sorority Sisters’ April McRae & Joy Hammond Suspended By AKAs Until 2016!

It’s so unfortunate that these ladies sacrificed something so near and dear to them for a shot at becoming a reality TV star.